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Network Q is the World's first platform to link resources between Professionals and Professional Businesses on a Virtual Network.

The next generation, super-efficient office for professionals at all stages of their careers.

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BUSINESSES - VNE Certification allows all Professional Businesses the option to operate and scale without the need for physical offices or staff. The Network Q Platform is the extension of your office, providing unlimited resources for you to grow.

INDIVIDUALS - VNE Certified Professionals are able to plug into the Network anytime, anywhere and earn an income from a vast selection of organised job consignments.

What is VNE?

A Virtual Network (VN) is an entirely new way of acquiring, delivering and managing services using Technology and Virtuality.

A fully integrated digital space where Professional Practices may list their available work engagements, where clients may list their own needs and where individual Professionals can fulfil these needs for both the Practices and Clients.

Any business or individual that is certified to operate on a VN will carry the Virtual Network Enabled (VNE) insignia.

Who can benefit from VNE Certification?

Network Q enables those that are VNE Certified to extract maximum value from their assets, whether that be their skillset, qualifications or business. 

This new paradigm presents unprecedented opportunities for professionals and referrers to transform their productivity, business, career and lifestyle.

The Network Q model also presents a unique opportunity for investors to invest in goodwill assets in return for a high and stable passive income.


Brick & mortar businesses, although aided by internet and cloud processes, are still severely restricted by traditional challenges:

1) private employment of staff 

2) Confined level of technical knowledge and services

3) Constrained efficiency of cost and scaleability.

4) Restrictive work conditions and hours for staff

A VNE Certified Practice will not be burdened by these challenges thus enabling the Practice to instantly scale operations.

As a VNE Certified Professional, you can login from anywhere at anytime.

You have the freedom to earn as much as you want from the Network.

For each job that you do, the amount you earn is transparent.

Network Q is designed with maximum flexibility in mind and is a ‘plug-in, plug-out’ arrangement.

Practices can choose to unplug at anytime.

Professionals can use the Network to earn as much or as little as they wish.


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