The Future of Professional Services

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What is HQ Client?




HQ Client is a platform that services and scales professional practices.

The platform provides an upscaling of all client services enabling our member partners to both scale their business and extend their scope of offerings. A complete merger with HQ Client is also welcome.

HQ Client combines cutting edge technology designed specifically for the professional services industry with a highly educated, professional and service oriented team who have extensive experience running professional practices to deliver the highest standards to member partners and their clients.

Who can benefit from HQ Client?

New Paradigm


New Opportunities

HQ Client presents unprecedented opportunities for professionals and referrers to transform their productivity, business, career and lifestyle.

This business model also presents a unique opportunity for investors to invest in goodwill assets in return for a high and stable passive income.

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Total Contactless Integration

Professional Platform


Client App

The technology comprises a cloud-based portal for professionals and a fully integrated mobile application for clients.

The Professional Cloud Platform unplugs the professional from the office, enabling them to work anywhere, anytime.

Professional are able to access and manage all their jobs, perform services and communicate with clients from any device with an internet connection. All industry tools are integrated into the platform.

Clients access all their professional needs via the HQ Client App.

All communications and records are organised systematically for easy retrieval and record-keeping.
Invoicing and payments are seamlessly integrated into the platform. Status updates directly from ATO, ASIC, etc.

HQ Client Performance Highlights

The document below presents financial and operational highlights of HQ Client