Get VNE Certified and unleash your full potential

What is VNE?

A Virtual Network is an entirely new way of acquiring, delivering and managing services using Technology and Virtuality.

Just as physical stores evolved to online shopping, the next transformation will be that of harnessing the power of Virtual Networks.

Any business or individual that operates on a VN is said to be Virtual Network Enabled (VNE).

Network Q is the world first Virtual Network operation for professionals and professional businesses.

When certified by Network Q, the professional or professional business will be Virtual Network Enabled (VNE).

VNE Certification allows all professional businesses the option to operate and scale without the need of physical offices or staff.

VNE professional businesses will gain the ability to have any client work listed on the Virtual Network where the work may be serviced by any VNE Professional in addition to the staff belonging to that business. VNE businesses will have the ability to instantly scale due to the infinite and readily available resources.

Furthermore the staff of any business or individual professionals, at all levels of qualification, may also become VNE Professionals. Once certified, the VNE Pro may work on all jobs listed on the Network (not just those of their current employment).

Who can benefit from VNE Certification?

Network Q enables those that are VNE Certified to extract maximum value from your assets, whether that be your skillset, your qualifications or your business. 

This new paradigm presents unprecedented opportunities for professionals and referrers to transform their productivity, business, career and lifestyle.

How do I become VNE Certified?

The first step to VNE Certification is to sign up to Q MEMBERSHIP (free).

Depending upon which aspects of the Virtual Network you wish to plug into and take advantage of, you will be guided through the process accordingly.