Wassim Dabboussi

Author of Experts Guide to Peak Performance | Peak Performance Strategist | Master NLP Practitioner | Speaker

Change happens in an instance, However, it takes time, perseverance and a whole load of consistency before we decide to CHANGE.

As a migrant to Australia at the age of 10, growing up in one Sydney’s toughest areas in the 90’s. I had to quickly learn to overcome adversity, bullying and peer pressure at a young age to survive. Having a lisp and 4 S’s in my name. I learnt that having the ability to laugh at one’s self, is one of the fastest and best ways to build confidence and overcome the fear of judgment!

Whether it was falling out of love with my wife, losing $100,000 in one day, being diagnosed with high blood cholesterol at an early age and other health challenges and addictions. Having a weak negative mindset and being in the depths of depression and the verge of suicide. I have faced many challenges in my life, I dug deep and found solutions that I bring to my clients.

My personal development journey started in 2003. After having my 1st child, and a huge mortgage, I set out to increase my income. I quickly realised I needed to upgrade my mindset and operating system. I attended my first live event. Life was never the same after that!
In the past 17 years, I invested over $200,000 in personal development events, courses, books, coaching and mentoring!

It has not been an easy road to take, although keeping in mind all that I have to be grateful for is what has gotten me this far. A teacher, a Personal Trainer, strategist, whatever label you place on me; at the end of the day, what matters most to me is my role as a loving husband of over 23 year and father of 3 amazing boys,

I faced limiting beliefs, overcame self-sabotage and all the toxic traits that achievers dwell on to become a peak performer.

Some of the successes that I have achieved are:
1. Generating over $250,000 of income in my 2nd year of business in the midst of the Global Financial Crisis
2. Written up in Anthill magazine!
3. Winning top 40 Salesperson amongst 50,000 employees.
4. Top regional sales team.
5. Number one salesperson, bringing in over $4 million in a single month.
6. Losing over 25 kilos of pure fat after being clinically obese for over 10 years.
7. Running his own successful health club.

🥇Live Intently!🥇
Peace Gratitude🙏

Be Present Joyful and Loving!

Live An Extraordinary Life!

Because Your Life Should Be A Masterpiece

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All the experts for your queries

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