Journeying with people seeking asylum and refugees.

The House of Welcome provides support services including case work, employment assistance, English lessons and community programs for refugees, individuals and families who are seeking asylum.


Centre 360 Youth and Family Service specialises in counselling, case work and early intervention to help disadvantaged young people working through family breakdown and/or mental health issues.


Greenlight Movement is closed. Thank you to the many volunteer mentors who assisted at-risk young people attain their provisional driver’s licence.


Our vision is for a society in which there is full recognition of the dignity, equality, human rights and humanity of all people.


To uphold the intrinsic dignity of each person by providing support and advocacy to empower the most disadvantaged and marginalised within our community.

This includes:
Our belief in the uniqueness of every person.
Our assisting those who are the most disadvantaged and marginalised within our community.

Our service focus supports:

  • Individuals and families seeking asylum
  • Disadvantaged young people and their families

It is our mandate to support and advocate for those seeking our assistance and care.
We strive to maintain, nurture and enhance the growth, development and quality of their lives.
We journey with our clients and believe in their intrinsic strengths and resilience.


Our values are as follows:

  • Welcome
  • Respect
  • Connect
  • Empower

We do this by fostering a community that is consistently supportive, progressive and creative.

The House of Welcome (NEW LOCATION)

197 The Trongate
PO Box 10
Phone: 02 9727 9290
Email: [email protected]


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