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At Buckingham House Finders, we believe what sets us apart from other property finding services – real estate Buyers Agents – is our attention to detail. We check everything you can think of, particularly those things that after you’ve moved in you think “If only I knew THAT…”

Let’s face it, you are investing a lot of money and have sacrificed a lot to be in the position to buy a property. It makes sense to get professional help for the best result, and not just rely on advice from the Real Estate Agents presenting you the properties on their books they get paid commission for or the “we find you a property for nothing!” latest real estate spruikers who may have a built-in commission in the purchase price of either their own properties or from developers.

We are truly independent and 100% on your side, to deliver your dream. No stress, no hundreds of hours of internet searching and viewing properties that don’t look like the pictures, wasting your weekends, or worrying about overpaying when you finally find the ONE.

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Wendy Nicoll, Principal Buyers Agent
Mobile: 0439 970 075

All the experts for your queries

All the experts for your queries

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