Ngo & Sons

Ngo & Sons was founded in the 1990s by Dr Truong Ngo’s father, a famous Vietnamese mathematician.

Interact Search

A specialist recruitment firm serving the Actuarial and Risk Management professions. We offer quality Recruitment Agency services to match the right people with the right jobs.

Civic Duty

An Independent online media platform that provides analysis of society and politics, geopolitics, international relations, philosophical debate and current affairs.

Duo Tax

Duo Tax is Australia’s fastest growing tax depreciation schedule provider with the ability to service clients nationwide. Duo Tax has rapidly become a household name with property investors by assisting with preparing one of the biggest eligible deductions, a tax depreciation schedule. These report significantly impact the cash flow position of property investors.

AI Films

From concept through to production, completion and hand-over – AI FILMS takes care of every stage and aspect of film and video production for your brand.

If you have something to say, we have the crew near you to capture it on film.

Growth Focus

Growth Focus helps Accounting and Financial Planning businesses achieve their acquisition, growth and exit goals through Business Broking, Consulting, Succession Planning, Acquisitions and Growth Solutions.

147 Society

To provide a modern, high end sophisticated sports facility venue, where customers can play, eat, drink and relax.