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Australian Tax Office
  • Unpaid super

    Guide for individuals to determine if their employers are paying them super.

  • Open consultation

    You can participate in our open consultation. We encourage you to have your say.

  • Report a breach of the foreign investment real estate rules

    Use our online tip-off form or phone us to confidentially report suspected breaches of Australia's foreign investment rules for residential real estate. If you self-disclose a breach, you may receive a lower penalty.

  • Check income data before lodging

    If we identify income is incorrect or missing from a tax return, we will correct it before issuing a notice of assessment. Help ensure the accuracy of your clients' tax returns to avoid processing delays.

  • Current research projects

    If you have been asked to participate in research, you can use this list to view our current research projects and verify its legitimacy.

RBA bulletin
  • Different Approaches to Implementing a Countercyclical Capital Buffer

    The countercyclical capital buffer (CCyB) was one of the measures designed to improve the resilience of the global banking system following the global financial crisis (GFC). It is a bank capital […]

  • Private Sector Financial Conditions in China

    Historically it has been challenging to assess financial conditions for private firms in China. This article assembles a range of indicators that shows private firms find it more difficult and […]

  • The Global Financial Safety Net and Australia

    The Global Financial Safety Net (GFSN) allows for financial assistance to be provided to economies in the event of an economic or financial crisis. Together with the substantial monetary and fiscal […]

  • The Rental Market and COVID-19

    The COVID-19 pandemic is an unprecedented shock to the rental housing market, reducing demand for rental properties at the same time as supply has increased. Households most affected by the economic […]

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